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The current story introduction is written below. This introduction was last updated on: November 20, 2020.

Shelby Bly is a twenty-something university student studying to be a simple historian with the goal of one day working in a temperature-controlled museum. Her father, Dr. Robert Bly, was once a globetrotting archaeologist and adventurer before his retirement. Neither planned for Shelby to ever follow in his footsteps. This mainly being due to the very protective Dr. Bly always discouraging his daughter from doing anything remotely dangerous. Now, the two plan to spend a quiet summer break at a dig site in Arizona to catch up on lost time but upon arriving at the site, all hell breaks loose.

     Unbeknownst to Shelby, Dr. Bly has recently come out of retirement to uncover the one mystery which always eluded him; Vril. Learning of his plans to continue their work, his former partner Blair Nimway has concocted a plan to abduct Dr. Bly and force him to tell her all he has learned of the Vril and the Vril-ya. Using vast resources and brutal mercenaries from her company, GEEVA, Blair plans to find the Vril for herself, no matter the cost.

     Refusing to sit by and do nothing after his abduction, Shelby decides to find the Vril Source herself and trade it for her father’s safe return. The truth is, although Shelby is determined, she has no idea what she’s doing out in the field. Luckily her father’s research assistant, Joel Rio whom she has only just met, volunteers to help Shelby become the adventurer she never dreamed of becoming. Her best friend, Maia Avanti, will also aid Shelby by using the sources she has acquired since working to become a journalist to provide them with vital information. Shelby and her friends will have to outmaneuver all of Blair’s GEEVA mercenaries to get to the Vril first not to mention Nimway herself. Other interested parties whom have yet to reveal their true motives or identities are also out there and determined to either stop Shelby or help her for their own gain.

     Is the mythical substance known as Vril, which is said to have the power to both destroy and replenish life, real and will it ever be found? Do the guardians of the Vril, the Vril-ya still exist? Who else besides GEEVA is on the quest for the Vril? Can Shelby discover the truth before time runs out for her and her father? Will Shelby be able to become an adventurer like her father before her? Shelby’s life and the lives of those she loves all depend on the answers.

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