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Shelby Bly explores the submerged ruins in the Mediterranean Sea as danger lurks nearby.

Date Finalized: November 29, 2019


I originally created an artwork like this in 2019 as a test scene to see if I could create a convincing underwater effect in Poser 11 Firefly. It was hit or miss. I’ve now created this new artwork to see if I can create a convincing underwater effect in Poser 12 Superfly. It looks fairly good though I had to do quite a bit of postwork to get the final look I was going for since Superfly doesn’t yet do volumetric lighting or atmospherics  or light gels like Firefly. That’s disappointing. Still, I like how this turned out so I will probably render the underwater scenes in the novel like this. Getting Shelby’s hair to look like it’s underwater is a challenge as it still doesn’t look quite right. I might have to use an alternate model for the underwater scenes that more “wild” and “floaty” but I haven’t decided yet. I’ll have to look at some more reference photos of women with long hair scuba diving because right now I can’t think what the exact physics would be. The models I’m using for the ruins are fairly old models (circa 2004) which just goes to show that even really old models can still be very useful and shouldn’t just be tossed aside for the latest new and shiny whatever. 

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