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Creature Features

The Ancient Egyptian god Anubis is known as a guardian of both the dead and the great many tombs of Egypt. What will happen that will cause our intrepid adventurers to cross path with this mythical god? Will he be a friendly guide or a deadly deity? You’ll find out in the Shelby Bly Project graphic novel!

Concept Notes

This is my first attempt at a Superfly render of Anubis in Poser 12 and I think he looks great! I used a silk shader on his clothing and it looks fantastic. The gold metal shader on the metal elements of his outfit and his khopesh swords looks perfect. I was even able to add ebony handles to the khopesh swords. Anubis himself is looking quite good with his furry displacement maps and velvet style specular nodes. Overall, I think this may very well be the final concept of Anubis as I don’t know how I could possibly improve upon this concept.

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