David Kingsley

David Kingsley

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Character Synopsis

Once an old-school archaeologist, Dr. Kingsley has long since retired from fieldwork and now works as the director of the American Museum of Civilization in the city of Shiloh, California. He is also the boss, mentor, and close friend of the museum’s head curator, Dr. Robert Bly. A kind and gentle man, Kingsley is proud to also be the godfather of Robert’s daughter Shelby. Ever the old-fashioned optimist, Kingsley has no doubt that Robert will find his own way out of danger as he has many times before when Blair Nimway shows up and violently abducts the elder Bly. Still, he has no problem helping Shelby to “follow in her father’s footsteps” and help her with her own adventure to find the Vril and save Robert.

Concept Notes

This is the first concept render of David Kingsley from Poser 12 Superfly. It still needs some work as his skin looks a little too rough and bumpy, especially on his head. If I lower the bumpiness map value, the wrinkles and such lessen as well and I don’t want that to happen so I’m going to have to go a much more difficult route to fix this problem. I think his beard should pop out a little more too. At least I got the thickness of his glasses correct! 

Below you will see some of the alternate outfits and other variations of this character that will be needed for the graphic novel. In the novel, the characters change their clothes as needed like normal people rather than wearing the same outfit in every scene. Some of the following alternate outfits are finalized concepts but others I am still working on so these may be subject to change. Click an image below to zoom in.

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