Field Journal

Field Journal

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Object Description

This old notebook is the Field Journal of Dr. Robert Bly. Over the course of many years, Robert has recorded all of his important discoveries, mostly involving the Vril-ya, into this journal. After his disappearance, finding the journal will be vital to Shelby Bly and all those hoping to continue (or end) his search for the long lost Vril-ya Realm.

Concept Notes

This is a Superfly render of the Field Journal prop. I created the texture for the cover myself. I couldn’t decide whether he would just have a plain leather-bound book or if he’d put his name or something on it. The plain book looked, well, too plain so I taped his name on there. I probably need to age it or rough it up a bit more but Robert seems the type to take good care of this stuff. The prop opens and has movable pages so that Shelby and company will be able to “read it”. So far, all the pages inside are blank but I’ll get to creating the pages that are needed to be seen in the novel illustrations soon. You may also notice in this concept render which has the Field Journal in Robert Bly’s office, there is a framed photo of a young Robert and Shelby as a child. I figured that was something he would keep on his desk and it seemed like a cute detail. 

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