GEEVA Mercenary

GEEVA Henchman

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Character Synopsis

These are the mostly nameless mercenaries hired by GEEVA in their standard uniforms. Each of the mercs that will be seen in this story were hand picked by Devon Isoba and answer to both him and Blair Nimway. They can be deadly, especially when in groups, and will show Shelby Bly and her friends no mercy. If Shelby wants to survive this adventure, she will be forced to kill some of these ruthless men regardless of whether she wants to or not.

Concept Notes

This is one of the many GEEVA Mercenaries that will be seen in the novel fighting against Shelby and her allies. I forget off the top of my head how many of these mercs I’ll need but I think it was right around 15. That means I’ll have to create around 15 unique characters and about half of them will only be seen once. That is going to be a bit of a challenge and really put my character making skills to the test. So far I have only created the one you see here as a template. All the future mercs will wear uniforms similar to this one though there might be subtle changes for different climates. This concept is the first of the GEEVA Mercenary to be rendered in Superfly via Poser 12.

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