Home Office

Home Office

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Location Summary

This is the office of Robert Bly inside his home circa twenty years ago; as seen not long after he returned from his ill-fated expedition to Sudan.

Concept Notes

This is the first Superfly concept of the Home Office and the last of the previously made concepts that I needed to convert to Superfly. From now on, everything will be brand new! The most difficult part of this concept’s texture/material conversion was the door’s window glass as it’s mostly texture and transparency map based and Superfly doesn’t really like that apparently. Somehow, I made it work with some translucent nodes in addition to transparent nodes. The only things I didn’t update the material shaders of are the many books and the rug.

Below you will see alternate views and additional detailed views of this location as long as those views do not contain any obvious spoilers. Click an image below to zoom in.

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