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Character Synopsis

These three men are independent treasure hunters a.k.a. grave robbers a.k.a. tomb looters by trade. They appear in the Prologue of the story facing off against Robert Bly and Blair Nimway in Sudan about twenty years ago.

Concept Notes

Here we have the first Poser 12 Superfly renders of the three Looters from the Prologue. I tried to make these three characters look as unique as possible while still “looking the part”. I think they are ready for prime time as I can’t see how else to improve them; they already look exactly as I described them in my story. What do you think of them? Feel free to leave an opinion in the comment box at the bottom of this post… or any post. 🙂 

Below you will see closeups of each of the three individual looters. What you see is how they will appear in the Prologue. Click an image below to zoom in.

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