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Object Description

As Shelby Bly finds out in Chapter 1, there are five Mapstones which when all are fitted together will somehow show the way to the Vril-ya Realm. The five Mapstone pieces were scattered around the world by the ancient Vril-ya in places where they once lived alongside ancient humans. Over time, and for reasons so far unknown, they retreated to the subterranean Vril-ya Realm where they may or may not remain to this day.

Concept Notes

Here is the first Superfly render of the Mapstones. I didn’t change the main materials of the stones for this actually and the old materials render just fine in Superfly. Unfortunately, the jewels didn’t render too well so I hid the original jewels and replaced them with more detailed jewel props then added my Vril crystal shader to the new jewels. I’m still not sure if they look right or not. I’ll keep experimenting with these until I get a look I really like. I also need to make an alternate version that glows for when the Mapstones are “activated”.

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