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Creature Features

The ferocious Minotaur was said to be nothing but a myth created by the Ancient Minoans and Greeks. Are the legends actually true? What will happen when Shelby Bly encounters this mythical beast? Only time will tell so continue to follow along with the Shelby Bly Project graphic novel!

Concept Notes

This is actually the second Superfly concept of the Minotaur as rendered in Poser 12. The first had the poor Minotaur in what amounted to a “big red diaper” as his pants. After several suggestions on Facebook, I deleted the red pants and traded it in for this bloodstained leather loincloth. I think this is a vast improvement! I also used the improved morph tools of Poser 12 to further smooth out his outfit that I had originally fitted to him in Poser 11 and made a few other adjustments here and there. I’m still not sure about the nose chain. Should it be that rusted brassy material or should I make it more of a silver/steel color to match the rest of his outfit? I can’t decide yet.

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