Mysterious Man

Mysterious Man

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Character Synopsis

Who is this man? No one knows… yet! He seems to be keeping a close eye on Shelby Bly and her activities but for what reason? Only time will tell.

Concept Notes

This is the first Superfly concept of the “mysterious man”. I think he looks just about ready for the illustrations (I love his sunglasses) except for his shoes. I forgot to update the shaders on his shoes though. I’ll have to fix that later. Other than that, he certainly looks the part of a “mysterious man”. Maybe a little too much? Hmm…

Below you will see some of the alternate outfits and other variations of this character that will be needed for the graphic novel. In the novel, the characters change their clothes as needed like normal people rather than wearing the same outfit in every scene. Some of the following alternate outfits are finalized concepts but others I am still working on so these may be subject to change. Click an image below to zoom in.

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