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Creature Features

This is the goddess Sekhmet of Ancient Egypt. Known as a warrior goddess and protector of the dead. Will this lioness-headed goddess be friend or foe when our adventurers encounter her? Find out when the Shelby Bly Project graphic novel continues!

Concept Notes

This is the first Superfly render of this creature concept rendered in Poser 12… and it was a PITA! I don’t know why but I had a real hell of a time figuring out what to set each material zone of her outfit and it’s jewelry pieces to. For some reason, the gold seemed to overpower all the other materials and my gemstone materials didn’t work the way they were supposed to so I had to go back and replace them all with new materials. I probably need to make her dress fabric a deeper red now that I look at it with fresher eyes. There’s always something!

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