Skeletal Warrior

Skeletal Warrior

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Creature Features

These long dead (or undead?) warriors have guarded the hidden treasures of the Vril-ya for countless centuries. Will they be willing to give up their secrets when Shelby Bly uncovers them or will these warriors be her doom? Find out soon!

Concept Notes

Here we have the first Superfly renders of the Skeletal Warrior. The original concept of the Skeletal Warrior had rusted armor that was coming apart much like the weapons, but I decided that it looked better as a bare skeleton with just a sword and shield… kind of like the skeletal warriors from the fourth original Tomb Raider game that inspired me to add these guys in the first place! LOL I had a difficult time figuring out what kind of shader to use on the skeleton itself. I tried a concrete shader, a marble shader, and a ceramic shader before finally trying out a skin shader just for the hell of it. The skin shader is what finally looked good with my textures! I also added emissive materials to the eyeballs so that when these guys emerge from the darkness, they’ll look awesome with their glowing eyes casting the only light in the scene. That’s my idea anyway.

EDIT: I decided to keep the armor on the Skeletal Warriors after all, at least on some of them! I need about three for the novel so I’ll have them in various states of decay. I’ll post the alternates needed for the novel below as soon as I finish rendering them.

Below you will see the alternate or additional variations of this creature character concept that may be needed for the graphic novel.

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