Sudan Pyramids Site

Sudan Pyramids Site

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Location Summary

This long-lost site of Nubian Pyramids is located in the deserts of Sudan and will be visited in the novel’s Prologue by Robert Bly and Blair Nimway. What you see here is their base campsite from which they will explore the ruins.

Concept Notes

This is the first Superfly concept of the location of the Sudan Pyramid Site as rendered in Poser 12. For this concept, I took out the Terradome 2 set completely as it didn’t look too good in Superfly and replaced it with a more high-resolution terrain setting made for closeups. (I put it in the foreground then duplicated the set and scaled that up huge for the background then rendered the scene with depth of field to make up the difference.) I couldn’t for the life of me find any Nubian style pyramid models (none that I could afford anyway) so I had to make my own out of Egyptian pyramids. I probably need to alter their materials a bit to blend in a bit more with the new sand texture as they look too dark next to everything else. I need to look at my reference photos again and if I can, I might add some sparse foliage just to break up the landscape a bit. Perhaps some more varied size/color rocks if foliage is out of the question? Something to think about.

Below you will see alternate views and additional detailed views of this location as long as those views do not contain any obvious spoilers. Click an image below to zoom in.

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