Vril Society

Vril Society Symbol

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Object Description

The Vril Society is said to be nothing but a myth created by occultists and conspiracy theorists in the 1960s. Although the Vril Society is said to have existed between the time of the publishing of the 1871 book Vril, The Power of the Coming Race and pre-World War 2 Germany there is no evidence that they have ever existed. That said, if Dr. Robert Bly’s findings are correct and both the Vril and the Vril-ya do exist, does that mean the Vril Society exists as well?

Concept Notes

Hmm… Not much I can say here that wouldn’t be considered a spoiler. I designed the symbol shown myself as the mythical Vril Society has no known symbol at least that I know of so I made one for them. You’ll be seeing this symbol starting in Chapter 1 so it kind of skirts my spoilers rule but it’s significance isn’t explained until much, much later. Is the Vril Society real or is it just someone pretending to be the Vril Society or something else entirely like a Red Herring? Only one way for you to find out. 🙂

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