Vril-ya Key

Vril-ya Key

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Object Description

Forged with Vril Crystals and some unknown ancient metal alloy, the Vril-ya Key was found by Dr. Robert Bly while on an expedition in Sudan. Upon returning home, and temporarily retiring from fieldwork, he hid the Key in plain sight by giving it to his young daughter Shelby Bly who kept the pendant close by into adulthood. Robert never had the chance to tell Shelby the true significance of this pendant so she’ll have to find out all its mysteries for herself over the course of her adventure… the hard way!

Concept Notes

This is my first real attempt at a Superfly version of the Vril-ya Key a.k.a. Shelby’s necklace/pendent. It doesn’t look quite the way I want it/need it to just yet but it’s getting there. Creating a convincingly realistic looking golden orange crystal with multicolored impurities that can also glow may actually be harder to create than one would think. LOL I’ll keep trying though. I still need to create a similar shader for the raw Vril Crystals as well.

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