Vril Crystals

Vril Crystal

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Object Description

Vril is a legendary substance that was used by the people known as the Vril-ya. It had the power to both destroy and to replenish life depending on the will of its wielder. It was also used as a power source for Vril-ya machinery and for lighting. Vril, in its natural state, is a golden-orange colored crystal with multicolored impurities. The Vril-ya often mounted Vril crystals on wands and staves for ease of use. Harnessing the power of the Vril takes great mental concentration and can lead to exhaustion or worse for untrained users. It can destroy like lightning or even heal the dying. Its powers seemingly know no bounds. When in use, it creates a glittery orange cloud with streams of yellow and white energy.

It is believed that in the subterranean Realm of the Vril-ya, resides the one and only source of all Vril in the world. A Vril Font provides the Vril-ya with the Vril in a liquid form which they can drink to infuse themselves with its powerful essence. The crystal outcroppings which surround the Font are used by the Vril-ya for more practical purposes.

Concept Notes

This is the first Superfly concept of raw Vril Crystals rendered in Poser 12. It still needs work as it’s still not quite matching the description I wrote in my story (see above). I am getting closer to having a workable crystal material shader for these models though. I’ll keep at it until I get something that I can really use…

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